Looking at a helpful application which may save your life on the road?

Many people tend to drive way too close to the car in front of them. This is one of the most dangerous things to do on the road and many accidents happen because of this rather bad behavior. They may not all cause injuries or death, but many just can’t afford to total their car… One because the insurance is going to go up and two the repairs are going to be way out of budget.

This is where our app. comes in. It warns you by beeping when you get too close to the vehicle in front of you. At that point, you know you have to be much more alert and preferably to slowdown so you increase the distance and thus your personal safety.

Note that the alert stops when you move very slowly. We assume that in that case you’re pretty safe. Even if you bump another car, if you’re at 5 miles an hour (under 10km/h) or less then chances are you’ll bump your car, but you’ll be just fine.

On the other hand, the faster you go, the more distance is necessary. This is because the time it takes to stop a fast car is longer than the time it takes to stop a slow car (of course, it also depends on the state of the road, your tires, whether it’s raining, etc.) This is probably where most people have difficulties. It’s very difficult to apply the 3 seconds rule, i.e. it should take you about 3 seconds to reach the vehicle in front of you. I don’t think too many people are able to do that kind of test at any point in time when going 70 mph (about 115 km/h). However, our app. is capable of doing so for you.

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