We want to keep you Alive!

Our company’s goal, through our Beep Brake application, is to keep you alive on the road. You may still not be able to avoid that accident, but if we gave you 2 or 3 additional seconds to hit the brake, you’re likely going to hit other vehicles at a much smaller speed and possibly not even get injured.

Many really bad accidents on the road are due to the fact that drivers do not keep their distance. The main source of the accident is likely something else (speed, ice, oil spill, animal crossing the road, etc.) but then the vehicle right behind should have the time to stop (well, unless the road is covered with ice). This is what causes pileups and increases the number of injuries and deaths.

Our application beeps to remind you to keep your distance, giving you more time to brake so you do not hit the vehicles in front of you. Not only that, if given time on your end, the people behind you, even if driving too close to you, are also going to have enough time to slowdown. So you avoid the hit in the front and the hit in the back!

Actually, my driving takes that in account. The closer to me the person behind me drives, the more distance I want in front of me because it is clear that that person will not be able to stop their vehicle in time if I have to do an emergency stop. They may be confident that they can, yet I know it’s not physically possible. Unfortunately, how app. doesn’t see behind your vehicle, so it won’t warn you about that issue. You’re still on your own on that one (maybe in version 2.0…)

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